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We Can Help! Partners in Achievement is a group of highly-experienced doctoral and masters level-trained psychologists. We have been assessing attention problems and learning disorders in children, adolescents and adults for many years.

Now we have brought our experience and training together to help students of all ages overcome the underlying causes of their achievement difficulties and learning problems through the PACE Program. In partnership with parents, we retrain cognitive functions that contribute to attention problems, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, poor reading, and writing/spelling problems.

Our mission is simple: to help students overcome learning problems caused by auditory and visual processing difficulties, attention problems, and poor memory... Read More

One of the biggest benefits to the program is how PACE changed Zane's confidence. His scores in all areas improved, some by over 10 years, but overall his confidence in his abilities is going to be his greatest benefit. He feels smarter, faster, and more focused.

- Jason R., Watkinsville, Georgia

We have been very pleased with Caroline's progress in the PACE program. We have seen many improvements in her auditory skills, memory and comprehension. The successes she has achieved through completing the program have definitely impacted her learning in a classroom setting.

- Carol M., Conyers, Georgia

I have improved in my studying skills! I learned theres more than one way to study or learn information you need to learn, and I have been able to retain the information much better than before! Ive learned how to do other things faster than I used to do them as well.

- Yasmine R., Grovetown, Georgia

We feel that PACE has helped our child in different areas. Alex has improved in self-esteem, memory-retention, concentration and reading skills. This has made him a happier child and more secure in his school work. We have had a great experience with PACE.

- Brenda S., Loganville, Georgia